Hair Care Musts

One thing I get asked a lot about is my hair, how I keep it so long, how I style it and so on. I’ve always had long hair, when I was younger I used to be able to sit on it, I definitely could not handle it at that length now! 

Although I do love it long, it’s such a hassle when it comes to washing it, and when it sticks to my lipgloss.. And in Summer when it’s like an electric blanket on your head – but I won’t go into that now. 

I never have really found a shampoo/ conditioner that makes my hair feel like it does after a visit to the salon. I have to shampoo my hair twice and use gallons of conditioner just to get it looking semi presentable. And believe me, there only has to be a gust of wind and it’s a mess again! 

After a visit to my hairdresser she recommended buying a purple shampoo as it keeps that lovely ashy, almost grey, colour that I’m loving at the moment. It also helps keep brassy and yellow tones at bay. After a visit to Boots I picked up this Charles Worthington shampoo and conditioner set, for about £14 or so. AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER.

Honestly, my hair has never felt like it does now. I think sleek is the best word I can use to describe it. Silky, sleek and smooth! My hair used to go really puffy, and dry a day or so after washing, but now that is all gone! 

I keep the shampoo on for a minute or so before washing it off, and the same with the conditioner. I run my fingers through my hair with the conditioner on to comb it and to get out any knots and tangles. I don’t ever use a brush on my hair whilst it’s wet as it tears and pulls and doesn’t really do my hair any good. 

I also use the Charles Worthington hair oil, which smells beautiful too. I use a pump on wet hair and mainly focus on the tips of my hair. You can use on dry hair too to help tame any stray flyaways. Another bonus about this brand is that they’re cruelty free! 

I’ve been using these items for about 6 months now, and I really can tell a difference. I would honestly recommend to anyone, even my boyfriend loves to steal them from me! 


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