Gingham and Frills

Finally a bit of sun – it seems to make everything a little bit more bareable! Even when the sun does shine, I still seem to gravitate towards my black boots and bomber jacket, and I never really get my legs out. Tanning and shaving? Can anyone really be bothered?! 

However, this summer I’m going to try and style up a few more dresses and skirts as I’ve found such nice pieces recently! 

One item I bought not long ago is these Pretty Little Thing gingham cropped trousers, that every woman and their dog seems to be wearing! I was drawn to them because of the frilly hems and waistband and the fact that I never wear any trousers other than jeans! 

They fit me really well, I got a size 6 and they’re perfect. The only thing that bothered me slightly is that they were a bit short on the leg, nothing major! However, an inch longer and they’d be ideal.

I paired my gingham pants with this Sainsburys top I bought maybe a few months ago, it was only about £18! I absolutely love the sleeves on this top, they’re quite dramatic but really easily dress up an outfit. 

I layer this under jumpsuits which looks fab, and it also looks effortless with just jeans and flats. 

I don’t think a lot of people go to supermarkets for clothes – I may be wrong, let me know! However, I always find really pretty pieces at such good prices! I once bought a wax jacket from Tesco F&F, and everyone asked me if it was Barbour! I think it was only about £20, I still have it now. 

So many clothing suppliers supply clothing to high street brands AND supermarkets. Zara and Topshop may buy their clothing from the same place that supply Tesco and Sainsburys. So, essentially, there really is no difference! Maybe just cheaper prices.

I wore my black faux suede Public Desire boots with this outfit – and I love the fact they’re a “sock” fit. I hate when boots gape away from your leg! Even better that I got them for 40% off! 

I wear these all the time now, they look great with jeans, or dresssed up with a little day dress. However, I found out I CANNOT drive in these. After about a second (literally) I had to pull over and drive in my socks for the sake of my own health. 

I accessoried with a Pretty Little Thing gold chocker, which I love, and my cat-eye Lamoda sunglasses.

The chocker can be pretty tight though, I found out the hard way after having a melt down on New Years Eve because I couldn’t get it off! I was a little drunk though, but still. 

The sunglasses are so me, I love them. I love the cat-eye shape, and they’re big enough to hide your eyebrows if you’re having a bad brow day. 

I’m hopefully going to write up more outfit posts soon, I have a lot of things I want to blog about! Thank you for reading – keep an eye out for my next post. X