Self Confidence 

I have definitely always felt very self conscious in what I wear and how I put myself across, since I can remember. If I wore something a bit out of my comfort zone, it would be on my mind the entire day, and I couldn’t wait to get home and change into something different. The habit of changing ten times until I’m comfortable. Thinking you look okay, going outside to get on with your day then… I regret this decision! I feel horrible! 

It’s taken me a long time to stop comparing myself to others – and getting self conscious by wearing or doing something different to someone else. I would honestly say maybe up until a year ago, I was so insecure in myself and the way I look – and even now I still get pangs of anxiousness where I just want to crawl into a hole away from everyone! But now, I know that everyone is different and we all have our own unique qualities and beauties that others don’t have. It doesn’t matter AT ALL how you look or how you dress – there are always going to be people that have something to say. You just need to realise that not everyone’s opinion matters – and that is what I’m coming to terms with myself. 

In light of this, I got some inspiration from Dia&Co, who love to help people push boundaries, feel confident and try something new in the way they dress. Click here to have a browse of their website and get some inspiration of your own. My challenge was to wear something that I normally wouldn’t and try something new. 

I chose to wear a midi skirt – the reason being, I NEVER wear anything this length because I always feel I’m too short and the cut just doesn’t suit me. 

This style and fit always looks so good on my friends, but I just never take the plunge to wear it myself. 

This scuba style skirt is from Topshop in almost a deep teal colour. I bought this skirt when this style was quite popular, and I never really wore it. 

Even when I put this outfit on and looked back at some of the pictures I still kept thinking “This does not look right at all!” “I need to pick something else!” 

Looking back now, I know it doesn’t really look awful at all. I just kept telling myself that midi styles were not for me – when actually it’s a nice alternative to always wearing trousers or shorter dresses. 

My bodysuit is from Primark – a little bargain at about £6! There has been such nice pieces in at the moment – I got the cutest bell sleeve jumper for £10 the other day. So pleased! 

My strappy gold heels are from Public Desire – they literally go with anything which is my reasoning for wearing them to death! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post – it was really great for me to write and explain how I had felt about my confidence levels and trying new things. I hope you take from this a new feeling of confidence and attitude of “I look good!” 

Keep an eye out for my next post soon!