Cruelty Free Beauty

So recently I’m making a conscious effort to buy cosmetics that are not tested on animals and if I can – find beauty products that are vegan. I’m not sat here writing this in a pair of elephant printed pantaloons with a bindi on my forehead, it just seems more ethical to me, having seen the horrific things some poor animals endure. (I do love a bindi though).

I have been researching for a little bit, and had a bit of knowledge already but wanted to replace my existing make up when it ran out with cruelty free options.

So I’ve been buying into companies such as NARS, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverley Hills and NYX.

all make up.png

I’m so impressed with Urban Decay – I’ve never bought anything from them before but recently bought the All Nighter Setting Spray (for combination skin) and their Naked Skin Concealer. I’ve heard amazing things about their setting spray so I had to try it! I bought their travel size to begin with which was only £9, barg. As you can see from the picture above, it’s still a great size and will last me ages. Their concealer is perfect for me, I bought the lightest shade as I love the brightness it gives under your eyes. Perfect for contouring. 

make up all .png

NYX are also a company I’m loving, that are SO affordable. I bought their Matte Finish Setting Spray as I can get a bit shiny throughout the day. It was only £7 which I thought was fab, and it had great reviews too. I have to say it’s great at keeping my shiny forehead at bay. For day to day use at work, and for the price, it’s amazing. I would most definifely recommend to anyone.

make up .png

Their Matte Lip Creams are so good too – for only £5.50 each you literally can not go wrong. I wanted to try a darker, brown shade but wasn’t sure what it would look like on me so bought Dubai from them. I. Love. It. Abu Dhabi is another great darker shade, pictures don’t really do them justice. They stay on for ages, don’t dry your lips out and don’t smudge.


On the topic of lips, Kylie Cosmetics is another cruelty free brand I’m obsessing over. Click here to read my review. Created by the fabuluz Kylie Jenner, these three nudes are my go-to currently. They dry fast, they DO NOT BUDGE – I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE and the colours are so pigmented and pretty. Heir is my current favourite, I love the shimmer it has to it.

Make up - highlighter.png

If anyone knows me, I’m obsessed with anything shimmery, dazzling and shiny. I’m a human magpie. Highlighters are a must for me, I love the colour of NARSSuper Orgasm. It’s easy to apply, I add a small amount to a foundation brush and dab onto my cheekbones and blend in with a sponge. There are various shades of this illuminator, so get buying. Anastasia Beverley Hills is such a cult brand at the moment, So Hollywood is to die for. It’s so shimmery and catches the light even with the slightest head tilt, perfect for a night out.

I’ve also bought her Dipbrow Pomade in shade Taupe which is ideal for me. I have quite light blonde hair, so obviously didn’t want anything to dark. This is the perfect shade, it’s so easy to use and you can blend into lighter and darker shades so easily. If you’re like me, you’ll like it lighter at the start of the brow and getting darker towards the tip. Her #12 duo brush is a must buy with this.

I could go on and on, but I will stop myself here! I am aware some brand I’ve mentioned are owned by companies that unfortunately do test on animals, such as L’Oréal and Shiseido. The brands themselves do not test on animals. I would love any suggestions of new brands I’m unaware of to try!

I’m certainly no beauty expert, but I love these products and I hope you do too!

Emily xo



17 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Beauty

  1. Hi Em,
    I use a brand called Pacifica who do makeup and also skin care products and perfumes. Their solid perfumes come in cute little tins and last ages. I have about 6! Their makeup is great and I love their tinted moiturisers – perfect for me as I don’t tend to use too much makeup but like to have a smoother finish if I am going out!

    Great article Em and a worthy cause to promote. No animal should have to suffer just so we can feel good.

    By the way – nothing wrong with elephant pantaloons……reminds me I must get some!!! love ya x

  2. Great article. I too love cruelty free products and only use Arbonne. Have you heard of us? We’ve been around for 36 years (way before green, organic and cruelty free was trendy) but only in the UK for 8 years and as we don’t sell in the high street (which means we don’t have to put 6 years of preservatives in the products to give them a long shelf life) we get passed around by word of mouth so we love people like you to spread the word. I’d love to tell you more. Do you live in Norfolk near Helen? My web site is Let’s have a chat. Alison x

  3. Lovely post, thanks. I only use cruelty free products, which I only buy from Forever, as I love their make up, skincare and household products and I trust they are natural as well as cruelty free. Forever has been around for 38 years and use aloe vera as the base for their products, it’s a natural healer and has over 75 vitamins and minerals. I love the products so much that I became a distributor and work from home, and have a great team of people (also based at home) who love the products. Have a look at my website, you’d love the Flawless make up range, and maybe the skin care is for you too. thanks for the inspiration, I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Yes they are which was music to my ears!! I’ve started using Spectrum Collection brushes which are all cruelt free and vegan – they’re on Instagram at @spectrumcollections they’re fab! Xx

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