As they say.. Beauty is pain. I would most definitely include wearing an (ill-fitting) bra in this phrase! I have a love hate relationship with underwear. You feel fabulous wearing a matching underwear set, and finding a bra that flatters your figure and gives you curves in all the right places is the BEST. However, wearing a bra that is too big or too small, rides up, falls down and is generally a massive pain is the WORST.

ThirdLove feel our pain and have put together a little infographic to help!

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It may seem like second nature to put on a bra, and how, but these little tips will help you! Praise to ThirdLove!

But I’m a girl and I love to moan, so lets carry on!

The poke. If you know. You know. *Eye roll*. The wire coming out of your bra, is singlehandedly the most annoying thing EVER. It hurts too! The only solution to this is.. Buy another, however you can prevent it in the first place.

The main thing  I would suggest – and this goes for a lot of things – is, if you want quality you may have to pay slightly more to achieve this. You can’t expect to pay £5 for a bra, and for it to stay in shape, and not to fall apart!

This may sound slightly gross, however, not washing your bra constantly will also help. This will keep your bra from loosing colour and wearing the material thin.

Strapless bras, the trouble I’ve had with these bad boys! Two minutes into wearing one, and it’s already halfway down your waist!

I always would look for a supported, structured strapless bra to combat this. I would also make a point to check if the bra cup itself has a strip of gel across the top to help ‘stick’ to your skin. This will help stop it falling down.

As mentioned in the infographic above, gaping and quad-boob are other major issues. ThirdLove  have an amazing bra sizing technique that WILL help us girls struggling out there! They do half cup sizes! This is such a good idea – half dress sizes anyone?

Below, I have included a few of my favourite styles from their website. Click here to shop, and have a browse yourself. The colours, the materials. Sooo dreamy.




To make this Thursday even better – I have a discount code for you! Enter BRABLEMS at the checkout for 15% off your order – oh yes! Happy shopping!

Do you have any brablems that I haven’t mentioned?

Emily xo