Review: Kylie Cosmetics

Since I love beauty products almost as much as I love fashion I thought it would be a great idea to start including reviews, looks and products within my blog. 

As almost every man, woman and child is pining after a lip kit/gloss/matte/metal and whatever else Kylie Jenner is producing – I thought I ought to hop on the bandwagon and try and get myself one.

I kept my eye on her snapchat, Instagram updates and whatever else to keep in the loop for the day and time of the restock (as it seems to be selling out within seconds each time). 

I bagged myself Candy K to start of with, as the price topped $40 I thought I would start with one lip kit and see how I like it. 

I received my order confirmation and two days later it was shipped, how exciting! The only downfall was that my shipping information was wrong, and said my order had already been delivered to an address in Canada?! 

Slightly freaking out (I’m very impatient) I emailed customer service to see what was wrong – not really much help. Since my order was international, they couldn’t refund or replace my order. I thought this was slightly outrageous! 

I googled and found numerous people had had the same issue and hadn’t received their orders – I accepted I wasn’t recieving my lip kit *sad face*. 

Some time had passed and although I had semi accepted I wasn’t going to own a lip kit, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I needed one!!! One day after work, what do you know! Candy K was waiting for me! 

She had been successfully delivered! Dying to try – I swatched the lipstick on my hand… And promptly fell asleep soon after! I had a long day okay! When I woke up, the lipstick swatch had not moved! This bitch does not budge!!! 

It’s a dark pink/nude I would say – I love! It’s creamy and easy to apply and sets matte quickly. The liner is also creamy and glides on your lips for a fabulous pout. It also smells divine! You can rub it, eat, kiss and it stays on perfectly! 

Being a major shopaholic I couldn’t help but get another. I opted for So Cute gloss. 

There were no hitches this time with delivery and she came this morning!

So Cute is a light pink/nude gloss – perfect for a daytime look.

Again, the short fibres (?!) of the applicator makes it easy to apply to lips getting into the hard to reach places such as the corner of your mouth. 

It stays on for ages too, and again, I love it!

I would recommend if you’re willing to spend a bit more on make up. Have any of you purchased?! What are your thoughts? Xo


Gucci Introduces DIY Programme

Italian luxury brand, Gucci, have announced the launch of their DIY service that will allow customers to personalise their products.


The personalisation will focus on Dionysus bags to start, and will eventually be extended to Gucci Ace and Princetown shoes, as well as some selected men’s and women’s ready to wear pieces.


The DIY service offers embroideries, trims, hardware and monogrammed initials. These crafty pieces can be added to large and medium sizes of bags. To make your fancy bag even fancier you can add butterfly embroideries, trims of suede and python and Swarovski crystals spelling out your name.


Dionysus DIY was initially launched in Milan at the Gucci flagship just over a week ago. It will be continued globally through other Gucci boutiques in major cities.


The idea was sparked by creative director Alessandro Michele who believes you should dress how you feel, and that you should feel authentic and free.


These fab bags have been spotted in the arms of celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, however, if you are wanting to channel your inner supermodel – get saving! The exact pricing hasn’t yet been released but Dionysus bags retail for $3,400 – £3,800… I think I’ll stick to Hobbycraft.