Budget? Wedding?

There seems to be a slight running theme on my blog… And that would be weddings

I’ve been to quite a lot of weddings (always been a bridesmaid of course) *hair flick* and I have to say, I LOVE them. I love the preparation, the dress obviously and just all the love flying around. You can’t help but feel happy! 

However, it can be incredibly costly – does it have to be? 

Have a look at these stats below: *deep breath*

So crazy isn’t it! 

There are so many things you can do to cut these costs down. I’m not saying give you fiancé a Haribo ring – but for instance the dress…

This is perhaps a woman’s thought her entire life – her wedding, her dress. It has to be perfect. A great way to cut these costs is High Street!

I know what you’re thinking! But Missguided have started a bridal range (including bridesmaid dresses) for as little as £35! I have to say, they are beautiful dresses too, I would be happy with one of those! 

A hen party/ batchelorette is also another biggie. It sounds crazy when you’re trying to save money, but even a girly weekend to countries such as Poland or Czech Republic would be fab and SO cheap. I have been to Kraków in Poland and it was so much fun (and alcohol is cheaper than water *winner*). After having such a big party abroad, you’re less likely to spend frequently going out with friends when at home… You hope.

Another great idea is Q Hotels – you can get a hotel stay, spa treatments, breakfast, lunch AND dinner for as little as £60. Perfect for the bride. 

Anything crafty and handmade I love. Handmade favours (small pictures, bracelets), centre pieces (flowers handpicked, stones and gems) and invites (you can get so many craft and art tools from places such as Hobbycraft). It’s a lot more personal and even if you weren’t on a budget, I think these are great ideas. 

If you’re wanting to keep a track of your pennies preparing for your big day, take a look at Personal Capital’s website. You can find some great tips and help there.

What do you think of my wedding tips? Any brides out there!?