Archived Outfits

Us girls are awful for buying and hoarding outfits.. And never wearing them! I think I could possibly be the worst culprit! 

I see a gorgeous dress and “I need it” flashes in my mind and I just have to buy it! Oopsie.. 

Recently I’ve been catching up on myself and wearing all my archived outfits and now I’m feeling cleansed! 

The first is this gorgeous pastel playsuit from Miss Selfridge. I bought it a few YEARS (oops) ago for a wedding but changed my mind at the last minute!  I wore it for my friend’s 21st the other week. 


I wore it with my nude strappy heels, also from Miss Selfridge. I love how it is quite boho in a way with the bell sleeves and relaxed deep neckline. It also was slit at the back which I love – anything backless is a plus for me!

The next of my outfits is this amazing draped number from an online boutique Steal Her Look

I’m obsessed with this wrapping detail – and it’s also backless! Plus.


It was only £40, but I love how expensive it looks!

I wore it with my black strappy heels from New Look and a little black leather clutch from H&M.

Have you got any archived looks?! Xo


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