H&M X Balmain

Hello everyone!

I think everyone who loves fashion knows the STRUGGLE that today has been! I’ve been counting down until the launch of the much anticipated H&M X Balmain collaboration for months, and as soon as it launched… MELTDOWN.

The website and app have been blowing up with people desperate to get their hands on some Balmain goodness, I waited and waited for probably about three hours to see the collection. I haven’t been able to get any pieces yet, which I’m heartbroken about, seriously!

I think the reason people go crazy for collaborations like this is simple – affordable luxury. H&M is a Swedish brand that has taken over the high street, and I think will only continue to get bigger. I always compare H&M to Primark in sense of prices (it’s super affordable and reasonable) BUT has the quality and style of places like Topshop.

Balmain is everything I look for in a designer brand, as soon as you see a piece from a Balmain collection – you know. It’s very distinctive. I LOVE the mustard yellows, the emerald greens and monochrome colour schemes they have used in this particular collaboration, I think it’s just gorgeous.

Here are a few of my top picks:


This dress! As you all know, I’m obsessed with velvet. Hellloooo, hints in the name. High necked, long sleeved bodycon dresses are my dream! I think it’s super sexy, but very classy at the same time. You’re not showing excess amounts of skin, but your body shape still shines through. If I could have one piece from the collection, this would be it! Lace up heels, scraped back ponytail and a simple clutch. Simply gorgeous.


This is an obvious one! I’m a sucker for embellishment and beading, if I could buy beaded socks, I would! The angel that is Kendall Jenner is wearing this gorgeous blazer at the Billboard Music Awards, perfect with some black knee high booties.


Angel number two, Rosie, wearing these AMAZING patterned flared pants. These are to die for – I’m really loving funky flared pants at the moment. I love how she has kept to the same colour pallet, she looks incredible. I will definitely be on the hunt for these (or something very very similar!)


Last but by no means least – keeping in simple in this black velvet Balmain tee. I think this is great – mixing it up with casual simple clothing. I’d wear this with my black jeans and little suede heeled boots and a great leather jacket! This also comes in white – but I definitely much prefer it in black.

What are your thoughts, what would you pick? Were you lucky enough to grab some limited edition Balmain pieces?!

Love to hear from you!

Emily xo


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