Keep it Social

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fab week?

Just a quick post on keeping up with me on my social media platforms! I do love social media, I’m a confessed addict! I pour all my inspiration and favourite fashion images onto here, so give me a follow! (I follow back!)

Firstly is Pinterest. I’ve only really got back into Pinterest about a couple of weeks ago (hence the poor number of followers!) but I’m obsessed with it! I love pinning all my favourite images and gaining inspiration. Follow me at – emilypells.


Now I really am obsessed with Instragram! I post new purchases, inspiration and the occasional photo of my adorable pooch (nothin wrong with some puppy lovin). I love following new people and seeing what they’re up to and their style! Follow me at – emilypells.

And lastly is my Twitter! I have to say I do tend to ramble, but go on – follow me! I love retweeting pics of my favourite styles and mooching through celebrities outfits and posting them! Look me up at – emilypells.

Okay. So I might as well have told you to just put “emilypells” in everywhere that may have saved time, but now you’ve got all the info, take a look at my profile and give me a follow! 

Post your names below and I’ll follow you back!

Have a lovely weekend! X


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