Sleepy Sundays

As we ALL know, Sundays are for lounging and doing not a single thing.. Except move from the sofa to the fridge.. And repeat as many times as necessary. 

Comfort is key!! Usually I’d definitely be in leggings but ripped jeans are my answer today, very comfy still I must say!

However I broke the Sunday code, and went to a car boot sale with my boyfriend! We love the bargains heh. So jeans we’re semi practical.. I’ll be more comfy next Sunday I promise!!! 


My jeans are by Topshop.

My croptop is by American Apparel, and so is my cardigan.


 I absolutely adore this nail varnish! The colour is my favourite by far, it’s by Barry M – I seem to get all my varnishes from there! They have such nice colours and different types – eg sparkly, cracked and so on!

My watch is from Casio, it’s tough as nails! It survived zip lining, snorkelling, sandy beaches, numerous animals and a daily battering in Asia – the best watch I’ve ever had!! 

My ring is from Pandora and my lovely best friend got it for me, it’s so pretty! My bracelet (which goes quite well with my ring actually!) is from Cambodia, a great memory to keep with me! 

What is your Sunday loungewear?! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays

  1. love this! so relaxed and chic šŸ™‚ your jewelry is beautiful ā¤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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