Payday Buys

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well, we’re half way through now! (Look at me talking about the struggle of work! I’ve only been there a week!) 

Payday is getting closer – still too far away for my liking – but close enough to start imagining all the new clothes and shoes, ahhh. Through the weeks, I’ve been browsing and screenshotting my life away! Here are a few of my payday picks;

This gorgeous bodysuit is by “Oh So Lovely” initimates. I love it! It’s very sexy, and can only be worn on specific occasions and with the right outfit ofcourse, but I think it’s so beautiful and as you may know, I LOVE lace. 

It is pricey but I’m sure that the quality of the garment makes up for that, it will last and last! I’d maybe wear it with a leather skirt to go out in with some fab lace up heels – or even just with jeans! What do you think?

Talking of lace up shoes, I NEED some sassy thigh highs! The trend may be getting old now, but I love them! I think they’re so cool, they’ll add a 200 levels of woman power to any outfit. 

I’d probably wear with black jeans, and let the boots do the talking, or even with a tight skirt so that there isn’t much of a gap inbetween where the shoes end and the skirt begins? I think it’s good to get an item and just try with everything in your wardrobe so you know what goes with what!

The dress is one I’ve had my eye on for so long!!! It’s so beautiful, I think it looks elegant but then again super sexy.

It may be pricey at £150, but quality is definitely assured. This if from Mama’s Boutique – take a look at them on Instagram! They’ve got everything a gal would need for a night out on the town. 

I’ve seen similar dresses to this from other brands but I really prefer this one, I thinks it’s the wrap detail and the low back – I love it!

You know when you’re having an Instagram stalk and end up of someone’s page….. And you actually don’t know how you manage to delve so far in to stalkerness…. How did I end up on this persons page?! Well, in those moments I managed to find this amazing jewellery page. I adore this chain set with the necklaces, I’ve been trying to find some nice body chains for so long!

Lili Claspe is the name and they do all kinds of goodness. Perfect for summer and festivals!!! It will add the final touches to any outfit. I’m definitely visiting them on the magic day that is payday. 

This is a less exciting one, but I desperately need a good nude liner! I have velvet teddy and I adore the colour, it perfect! But a girls gotta get those Jenner lips. 

My best friend has this colour and it looks fab, perfect for outlining and making sure the colour stays, a must have!

And lastly, these trousers! They’re amaze! Can you actually believe these are only £12?! I’ve been looking – again, I look for lots of things – for some flared pants but still reasonable. 

These are from BooHoo, and usually I never even look on BooHoo or like any of their bits but I saw a girl in these and thought they look fab! These are a must have for me in Summer, especially when we’re never assured the sun will be out – you can still look on trend and really cool in these! 

Well thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think and what’s on your wishlist!


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