Smart-Causual? Eh?

Whenever you receive an invitation to an event, party or even just dinner the first thing that flies through my mind is “what shall I wear?!” “Is it dressy?” “Can I wear heels?!!!” 

Us girls (and growingly men) are just confused nowadays on the dress code, you can’t be under dressed and look scruffy, and the fear of over dressing and having all eyes on you is too intense for my liking! 

I think the worst event to choose an outfit for, is weddings. You can’t wear white, black is a no-go! Is it outside? Do I need a jacket? Is it dressy? It’s just a nightmare. “Smart-Causal” what does that even mean? 

Recently, wedding experts Paul Fredrick contacted me and asked me to help them with this dilemma.

As I said above, Men are finding this harder too. Bow ties or top button undone? Brogues or boat shoes?

Paul Fredrick a menswear company is making waves in the wedding industry. They created this infographic with the help of a handful of experts. 

Take a look at this;  

Do you agree with these stats? I have to say.. Flip flops would be a no-go, not at my wedding! Even if it is causal! What would you suggest? 

I adore three piece suits, and think that they’re ideal for a black tie/formal event! 

These two above are from Paul Fredrick. I love the baby blue colour of the first one, I think it’s super classy – perfect for a gentleman! 

The second suit, I chose as I love the mis-match of the colours and patterns. I think staying within a similar colour family (mustard and beige for example) you can pull off the mis-match look! However, don’t go too far out, purple and green would not be a good look. 

I love these dress shirts, you can dress these up with a gorgeous suit or play it down with smart jeans and boat shoes. I love the mismatch again of the colours and patterns! Take a look at Paul Fredricks fabulous Dress Shirts page too. They have so many designs, you will be spoilt for choice! I would most definitely recommend. 

I really like these two looks above, both from Next. I think in summer months, with an outdoor wedding these chino shorts could be pulled off! Especially with a matching suit jacket. I think it’s young, fun and a bit different! 

The second look I like as it’s a bit more smart but still casual. Maybe this is the meaning of smart-casual?! Jeans, a shirt and a tailored blazer can take your look up a few levels and still keep it casual enough.

So shoes! I love these loafers from Paul Fredrick. They’re on their website for less than $200 (in the sale guys!) which I think is more than reasonable for leather dress shoes that will last a lifetime. These are the perfect wedding shoe. I don’t think they’d be ideal for a black tie event, but most definitely perfect for a more casual wedding, it would look great with tailored black jeans, or a dark navy suit. 

Finishing touches. Cufflinks are essential for black tie weddings, even more casual weddings in my opinion! These have such a lovely touch, with initials being available to add on. The perfect wedding present to the groom, or you could even get the wedding date on them! Perfect. $59.50 from Paul Fredrick. Buy one get the second half price! 

Ladies! Don’t think I forgot about you! 

This gorgeous co-ord is from Next, and perfect for a summer wedding! £70 for both top and skirt is very good I think, really good quality and one you can wear again and again! Pair with gold sandals and an envelope clutch and you’re good to go! 

I love co-ordinates for weddings and think they’re a funky alternative to a dress, young and fresh! 

These two are from Missguided. For the younger woman/teen I would say. Perfect for a smart-casual wedding again. Pair with strappy heels and maybe a draped waterfall linen jacket for the ceremony. I love these colours too. Bright and fresh, perfect for a buzzing happy day. 

Jumpsuits are really cool too. You can dress them up (like the second image) or keep it free and simple like the first. I think they’re super flattering and a bit different! Both of these are from Next. I love the second lacy number, a blush bandeau – so beautiful. Keep your hair off your face – in a bun or even plaited to keep it elegant.

The first grey jumpsuit would be ideal for a beach or an outdoor wedding! What do you think?

So there we are! Here is my summary on the perfect wedding attire! What do you all think? Anything you would add or recommend, or anything you really loved!? I would love to hear your comments!

Have a lovely week! X 


Sleepy Sundays

As we ALL know, Sundays are for lounging and doing not a single thing.. Except move from the sofa to the fridge.. And repeat as many times as necessary. 

Comfort is key!! Usually I’d definitely be in leggings but ripped jeans are my answer today, very comfy still I must say!

However I broke the Sunday code, and went to a car boot sale with my boyfriend! We love the bargains heh. So jeans we’re semi practical.. I’ll be more comfy next Sunday I promise!!! 


My jeans are by Topshop.

My croptop is by American Apparel, and so is my cardigan.


 I absolutely adore this nail varnish! The colour is my favourite by far, it’s by Barry M – I seem to get all my varnishes from there! They have such nice colours and different types – eg sparkly, cracked and so on!

My watch is from Casio, it’s tough as nails! It survived zip lining, snorkelling, sandy beaches, numerous animals and a daily battering in Asia – the best watch I’ve ever had!! 

My ring is from Pandora and my lovely best friend got it for me, it’s so pretty! My bracelet (which goes quite well with my ring actually!) is from Cambodia, a great memory to keep with me! 

What is your Sunday loungewear?! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! 

Missguided Launch

So on Monday of this week, Missguided launched their very first store! They’ve always been an online women’s retailer since 2009 when the brand began, but now in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, they’ve opened! 

I went down on Monday to see how it was going on, and I have to say it looks amazing! There’s lots of tassels, suede, lace – it’s perfect for us girls!   


I definitely think it’s got a strong festival wear feel with some of the garments. And even better, it’s sooo reasonable. I saw prices start from about £15! If you look on my recent blog post “Payday Buys” this also applies!!


I’d definitely recommend if you’re in the area – go down and have a look! 

Tomorrow (Thursday) is their official launch – with a DJ, photo booth and lots of fun things – so even better if you’re around go down then! 

What do you think of their new store? What are you fave pieces? Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Payday Buys

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well, we’re half way through now! (Look at me talking about the struggle of work! I’ve only been there a week!) 

Payday is getting closer – still too far away for my liking – but close enough to start imagining all the new clothes and shoes, ahhh. Through the weeks, I’ve been browsing and screenshotting my life away! Here are a few of my payday picks;

This gorgeous bodysuit is by “Oh So Lovely” initimates. I love it! It’s very sexy, and can only be worn on specific occasions and with the right outfit ofcourse, but I think it’s so beautiful and as you may know, I LOVE lace. 

It is pricey but I’m sure that the quality of the garment makes up for that, it will last and last! I’d maybe wear it with a leather skirt to go out in with some fab lace up heels – or even just with jeans! What do you think?

Talking of lace up shoes, I NEED some sassy thigh highs! The trend may be getting old now, but I love them! I think they’re so cool, they’ll add a 200 levels of woman power to any outfit. 

I’d probably wear with black jeans, and let the boots do the talking, or even with a tight skirt so that there isn’t much of a gap inbetween where the shoes end and the skirt begins? I think it’s good to get an item and just try with everything in your wardrobe so you know what goes with what!

The dress is one I’ve had my eye on for so long!!! It’s so beautiful, I think it looks elegant but then again super sexy.

It may be pricey at £150, but quality is definitely assured. This if from Mama’s Boutique – take a look at them on Instagram! They’ve got everything a gal would need for a night out on the town. 

I’ve seen similar dresses to this from other brands but I really prefer this one, I thinks it’s the wrap detail and the low back – I love it!

You know when you’re having an Instagram stalk and end up of someone’s page….. And you actually don’t know how you manage to delve so far in to stalkerness…. How did I end up on this persons page?! Well, in those moments I managed to find this amazing jewellery page. I adore this chain set with the necklaces, I’ve been trying to find some nice body chains for so long!

Lili Claspe is the name and they do all kinds of goodness. Perfect for summer and festivals!!! It will add the final touches to any outfit. I’m definitely visiting them on the magic day that is payday. 

This is a less exciting one, but I desperately need a good nude liner! I have velvet teddy and I adore the colour, it perfect! But a girls gotta get those Jenner lips. 

My best friend has this colour and it looks fab, perfect for outlining and making sure the colour stays, a must have!

And lastly, these trousers! They’re amaze! Can you actually believe these are only £12?! I’ve been looking – again, I look for lots of things – for some flared pants but still reasonable. 

These are from BooHoo, and usually I never even look on BooHoo or like any of their bits but I saw a girl in these and thought they look fab! These are a must have for me in Summer, especially when we’re never assured the sun will be out – you can still look on trend and really cool in these! 

Well thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think and what’s on your wishlist!