I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in what seems like years! I’ve only just come home from travelling South East Asia with my lovely boyfriend, we visited Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia and it was the most amazing and eye opening experience of my life! 

On the fashion side of things it was very interesting to see the culture difference in fashion between the different religions and countries. In Malaysia it was mostly a Muslim population, and the thing that caught my eye was all their beautiful headscarves and little brooches! I love how the ladies wear these gorgeous patterns and colours, showing the personality and still staying respectful to their religion. 

The colours on clothing we’re so much more vivid and A LOT more patterned! My boyfriend bought so many shirts that over here in England would be considered “vintage” if from the right time period. And so cheap! 

If any of you girls (or guys!) are looking for an amazing life changing experience, have a few months free and want to see some amazing fashion and culture – go travelling! It will be the best thing you will ever do.

Back to fashion!!!

Yesterday it was my friends leaving do, as she’s moving to Spain next month! We went out on the town in Manchester, to Baa Bar on Deansgate Locks. 

I wore this amazing neoprene zip up dress from Urban Outfitters. It was in the sale from £52 down to £5!!!! I customised it slightly as it was quite long on me and not as tight. I got so many compliments, as I usually wouldn’t go for something as daring and bright!  

  I wore my strappy black heels from New Look with it, as I thought any shoe too chunky would make the dress look cheap and a bit tacky! 

I tried to steer clear from jewellery also as the dress definitely does the talking! The thing I’m most proud of is that I’m wearing no fake tan! The first time I can remember going out with my natural tan! 

I hope you like my look as much as I did, have a lovely Sunday and keep an eye out for more blog posts to come!