Keeping cool and Keepin Cool

So I’m in Cambodia right now, on an island just off the south called Koh Rong, and it’s amazing!

However, as this island has NO ATM’s NO roads and NOTHING but sand, sea and sun, you need to adapt! Well I certainly did!

As we were told when we checked into our “sea shack” the guy told us basically to throw our shoes off the peir as this island is “no shoes island” riiiiiiigggghtt.. Well I agree now! Getting caught up in the sand in your flip flops or getting sand in your sock, no!!!!! So we are now barefooted, but with a good sense of style of course.

A few things I’ve been wearing and mix and matching which have been super simple and adaptable to where I am are;

I bought these shorts years ago and never really worn them and I only packed them as they were light! But now I’m obsessed with them and I can’t believe I never wear them! They’re from “Blue Rinse” however, I bought them in Miss Selfridge and I think they were around £30, which for me I can’t believe I bought them, I’m usually so stingy!!!

They have a little slit up the side of them, like 90s runner shorts, and there loose fitting with an elastic waistline so they’re so comfy and easy to throw over a bikini.. Tick!

There’s always that go-to outfit when you’re either going to the beach, nipping out or even getting food. I seem to just be grabbing these mint shorts (American Apparel) and oatmeal crop – also AA. The crop top isn’t too high, showing too much midrif, but light enough to keep cool and over your shoulders!! They’re both such comfy pieces that go with everrrrrything! 

There’s always got to be a handful of bikinis (maybe three handfuls .. Or more) and swimsuits! The two that I’ve been wearing the most just snorkelling or swimming in a pool are these. On the left is my Triangl bikini on it’s first holiday, yay! I love the contrast of the two colours and patterns – have a look at my previous post Triangl Buys. The one on the right is from H&M that I have had for a while, but it still is very flattering and looks fun and summery! You had to buy the two pieces separately but as I remember they were pretty cheap! I like the coral/oranges of these bikinis also. The contrasting patterns against the block colour is something that I really like! What do you think? What would you bring?


One thought on “Keeping cool and Keepin Cool

  1. I really want a Triangle Bikini they look so cool. I love your picks. I hope you have a lovely time in Cambodia, I have heard wonderful things x

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