Triangl Buys

As some of you may have read – I’m off travelling in less than a month with my boyfriend! We’re flying into Thailand, then travelling around Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and I am soooo excited!

Of course when you’re going away you NEED a new bikini, am I right girls? And a new bag.. And some sunglasses (even though we already have seven pairs).
Sadly though I’m limited to my rucksack so I’ll be cutting down!

However I did buy this little beauty to see me through those beach days;


This is the Tilly Sunburst Triangl bikini that I’ve had my eyes on for too long – and finally it’s all mine!
The material is neoprene – a thick scuba material that fits snugly. This is the type of material to last you years and not fall apart use after use. I’d recommend to anyone!!


I love the mix and match look of this bikini – the top is black netted mesh contrasting with the bright orange of the bottoms.


I can’t wait to wear this little number on the sandy beaches of South East Asia.
Let me know what you think!


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