Golden Globes 2015

The annual Golden Globes were last night and I caught up with it all this morning! My personal favourite best dressed was Jennifer Lopez – the woman is a goddess!


I adore this look on her, she’s so glamorous. I hope to God I look like this when I’m her age!! Her body is phenomenal and she just looks stunning – the colour of the dress compliments her skin perfectly. What do you think of this, who was your best dressed?

My worst dresses of the outfits I’ve seen has to be Rosamund Pike, she’s a beautiful woman – but this dress is so unflattering!


I just feel the dress makes her look far larger than she is, making her boobs look saggy and the cutouts just aren’t in the right place to flatter her figure! What do you think, who was your worst dressed?

However – back to the positive! Another woman who looks FABULOUS for her age is Jennifer Aniston.


I love this black dress on her, it’s very age appropriate – however the slit up the side keeps it sexy and shows off her amazing figure! The simple shoe doesn’t cut her leg up, instead it elongates them and keeps the look classy and chic.

Here are a few more of my favourite looks from the Golden Globes;


Reese Witherspoon is this amazing Calvin Klein gown.


Kate Hudson in Versace.


Sienna Miller is this gorgeous deep V gown, inkeeping with her boho style.


Khloe Kardashian looking hot hosting the E! After party.

It wasn’t just the women who stole the show – the men looked pretty dapper too. Here are my favourites;


Jared Leto.


Mathew McConaughey. (My personal favourite)


Matt Bomer.

There’s so many more favourites I have, but if be here all day! What were your favourite looks, and the ones which didn’t quite make the cut?


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