Wishing of Summer

You know when you’re so bored and you have NOTHING to do, you just try everything on in your wardrobe?
This is what I was like yesterday! I tried loads of Summer clothes on, and although I love winter time and I never wish time away, I can’t wait to wear all these clothes!


First are these high waist cuff shorts from American Apparel in colour “Menthe” and I really love this colour rather than the conventional blue denim (even better that I got them for free).


I’ve also got this little floral number also from American Apparel – Cali Sun and Fun – it’s an off the shoulder dress. I like the quirky print of this and how it’s off the shoulder which I find very flattering also.



This beautiful playsuit is from Miss Selfridge and one that I’ve never worn I’m ashamed to say! I bought it originally for my Dad’s wedding however after a while I thought it was too much, and I’ve just never got round to wear it! I might taper the sleeves in slightly so it’s more fitted I think.


This vibrant scuba material dress is from Urban Outfitters – I’ve previously blogged about this- I took this in and completely re constructed it. It was originally a midi dress that was HUGE on me, but I loved it (sale of course) £52 down to £4.50 how could I say no!

What do you think of my summer pieces?


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