Today I’m off to work, and afterwards I’m off on a works night out for Christmas! So I thought I’d wear something that I can translate from day to night;


I’m wearing this jumpsuit by American Apparel (£68) I love it!
I only bought it yesterday, and I always find it hard to buy pant suits or jumpsuits as I’m only short and only little in proportions. Although, this one fits me well, and as it’s a causal kind of jumpsuit so it looks better a little looser!


Underneath I’m wearing my lace bra, also from AA (£18), so that if the top half bags away slightly nothing comes out! You couldn’t really wear a normal bra with this, it’s probably best with no bra and some tit tape, but for work I’ve added a little something else with it. I think it goes together quite well and the lace adds something to the outfit!

To wear out I could dress it up with jewellery and big heels, and for daytime just keep it with boots! Such a simple thing to turn from day to night! What do you think of my outfit?


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