Winter Wear

There’s loads of new trends that I’m loving this Autumn/Winter! One things that I’m obsessed with lately is over the knee boots;


These gorgeous suede beauties are from for £34.99. I love that they’ve not got much of a heel so that you can still wear them day to day! I just think they’re really simple to dress up an outfit and look great!


I’m also really loving oversized coats – especially camel colours! We do a really nice one at work – American Apparel which is £185, however, I really like this shape of the neckline and how it’s very casual and still looks so chic.



I’m wearing a lot of polo necks and ripped jeans at the moment also! I really love ripped jeans and have customised a lot of my own – cheap and cheerful!


These colours are also key in Winter – dark reds, maroons and greens. I’m also a huge fan of embroidery at the moment and think it’s gorgeous.


And grab ya self a cute little puppy to cuddle up with.


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