Christmas Sparkles

I’ve got work today, however only till 6 luckily! I thought why not add a little bit of Christmas sparkle to my outfit and liven up work!
I’m wearing my Bridget mini and cross over leotard – both from American Apparel – however I’ve worn it with my black and silver sparkle tights! I got these free on my work uniform and just thought I wouldn’t wear them really, but they’ve come in quite useful today!


They’re only Ā£17, which may seem like a lot, BUT they are so thick and last forrrrrever!


The sparkles are only subtle but when they catch the light they look really good! What do you think?


I’m also wearing my Swarovski earrings which I got for my 18th birthday! They’re gorgeous, so lucky! They catch the light and sparkle so much, they’re only little and add a touch to the monochrome outfit, what do you think?

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and I’m sure I’ll be posting over the festive period! šŸŽ…šŸŽ„šŸŽ



Today I’m off to work, and afterwards I’m off on a works night out for Christmas! So I thought I’d wear something that I can translate from day to night;


I’m wearing this jumpsuit by American Apparel (Ā£68) I love it!
I only bought it yesterday, and I always find it hard to buy pant suits or jumpsuits as I’m only short and only little in proportions. Although, this one fits me well, and as it’s a causal kind of jumpsuit so it looks better a little looser!


Underneath I’m wearing my lace bra, also from AA (Ā£18), so that if the top half bags away slightly nothing comes out! You couldn’t really wear a normal bra with this, it’s probably best with no bra and some tit tape, but for work I’ve added a little something else with it. I think it goes together quite well and the lace adds something to the outfit!

To wear out I could dress it up with jewellery and big heels, and for daytime just keep it with boots! Such a simple thing to turn from day to night! What do you think of my outfit?

Coat Love

I’ve found my true love in the way of a coat!!! I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping when I found this beauty;


Ā£159 from Zara, it’s gorgeous! If only I was rich and I could afford it! It’s the IDEAL coat for winter, chic and goes with everything! If you look on my previous post Winter Wear it’s almost an exact copy of the coat I’m lusting after, also! Except I much prefer this colour!

I have a bad habit of finding things I love which are completely out my price range! For example this amazing initial Burberry Cape!


I found this on google, it has to be! My initials were one of the first to come up, it’s a sign! Right..?
I just think these are so cool, and have been seen on Rosie Huntington-Whitely.
My boyfriend (bless him) heard me going on about these and thought it would make the perfect Christmas present (YES). We we’re sat on the train home and he turned to me and went “Em.. You know those capes you like? I wanted to get you one for Christmas but they’re like Ā£700!!!”
Hahaha, it’s the thought that counts, and that he remembered I love them!

I did, however, find an alternative!


It’s not quite the same, but it’s close and still very pretty! This is from a little vintage shop called in Manchester!
It’s always good finding cheap alternatives to something you’re obsessed with! Now to find a cheap version of that coat…

Diamond Ball

Rihanna was part of the first annual Diamond Ball, supporting the Clara Lionel Foundation.


She wore this crimson Zac Posen gown, with Chopard jewels!
To be honest, I’m not ENTIRELY in love with this look, there is just something not right about it and I can’t put my finger on it!
However, I think the colour is gorgeous on her, and the neckline is fabulous. I really like the back of this dress how it gathers into a V and is off-shoulder. It’s a very flattering look!


Although, as usual her face is flawless! She is incredibly beautiful, and her make up is stunning!!! I need to get myself whatever she has (probably a MUA worth more than my months wages).


I’m obsessed with Chopard jewels, they’re stunning and I love the different cuts and the way they catch the light!
I’m really liking the structured circle shape of necklaces at the moment – so they kind of sit on your collar bones. I think they’re really different and pretty!
What do you think of her look??


Like my previous post layers I’ve been layering up today!


I’m wearing my sheer button up top from H&M and a lightweight crop from Topshop!


On my bottom half I’m wearing my high waisted easy jeans from American Apparel, and my buckle missguided boots! These are my favourite jeans – and as soon as I get paid I’m getting more in different colours! They fit so well, and don’t bag at all.

I really like the way my sheer button up carries on after my top, and the grey contrasts with the light and dark materials! I kept it quite simple today – just going to my art foundation course!


I’m wearing my Casio watch instead of my nice DKNY one, so that it doesn’t get scratched or get paint on whilst I’m working!
What do you think of my outfit?

VS 2014

The post I have been dying to write about! The 2014 annual VS fashion show, taken place in London this year!


The wings and the boots!!! Can we just appreciate. Lusting over the underwear sets is just one thing, however I get excited to see the wings!


These absolutely stunning Swarovski set were no different! These belong to Lily Donaldson, and have to be one of my favourites! The amount of time it must have taken to create these! A whole bodice and corset were made also with the wings, which looked amazing!



Real angel wings!


All lined up together afterwards with Taylor Swift – who performed – looking amazing! Her figures (legs) are to diiiieeeeee for.
Can’t wait to see it when the show airs on the 9th December on CBS!