Wang x H&M

As I’m sure you’re all aware Alexander Wang has debuted a collaboration with British high street store H&M, which I’m very excited about!
I adore it when high profile designers collaborate with affordable brands, making the more prestigious clothes available to everyone! I hate the way it is that designer is just out of reach for some people – even if they have an amazing passion for clothes. I think it’s a great idea to do collaborations like this!



I love the futuristic style of this range, very monochrome and chic. I feel like it’s heading to a more sports luxe style for sure, it’s very simple yet if you were to look at a piece from this collection you know who designed it.


I’m IN LOVE with how this was styled on the catwalk, keeping with the futuristic theme. I think it’s so innovative and interesting, it captures exactly what this collection is about! It’s exciting!


Tyson Beckford also walked the runway.
It’s serious and ridged but you can wear these pieces with so many different options, I would most definitely be having a look for these when I can!!
What do you think about this collaboration?


4 thoughts on “Wang x H&M

  1. AW killed this collab and it debuts in the US Thursday and I cannot wait! Are you in the US? I’m anticipating Thursday and I hope I get my hands on some pieces!! Love this post, cool blog also; check me out if you have time 🙂

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