Polo Neck Love

I ordered this gorg H&M crop polo neck the other month, and I love it! It was so popular when I went to buy it, it had already sold out!


It’s a really nice knit material, and I LOVE this boxy shape! It comes just to the right place on me, where it would look really nice with any pair of high waisted jeans!
As for it only being £14.99 I think that’s a bargain! It’s so cosy as well, I’m wearing it as we speak with just a leather jacket – we all know how English weather can be – and I’m all comfy and warm!


I didn’t really think I’d be a fan of this neckline, it was quite irritating to wear whilst trying to eat cereal this morning, however I love it! I definitely will be purchasing more polo necks this Winter!
I’m wearing it with my ripped Topshop jeans (which I’ve previously wrote about) and my snakeskin slip ons!
What do you think about these? Love or hate?


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