Paolo Sebastian

My new favourite designer of the moment has to be Paolo Sebastian! Much like Elie Saab, he creates these most amazing gowns covered in beads and embroidery.


I’m very girly and feminine myself, and I adore the fairytale look of these dresses!
Sebastian himself is an Australian Couturier, and I only recently discovered him by snooping through accounts on Instagram!


This beautiful blue beaded gown is worn by fashion blogger Antoinette Marie “Sydney Fashion Blogger” and I think it’s just unbelievable! I love the illusion mesh making it look really simple yet so effective.


This is another one of my favourites; I think this cape just adds to this dress and I love the materials! I love the midi length of this dress and how the beadings spread along her shoulders, gorgeous!


I love the contrast of the black ribbon against the cream material and embroidery, the flowers are so angelic and beautiful, I love the detail and effort that goes into these dresses!

What do you think?


Knowles Nuptials

Solange, gorgeous sister of Beyoncé, got married some days ago and she looked amazing!
She arrived by bicycle with her then fiancé, I love the idea and the originality!


I think this jumpsuit is simply amazing. (Also a plus when riding a bike to the venue.) The cape makes this outfit! The deep plunge gives it the sexiness, and the off white compliments her skin tone.
The gorgeous one piece was designed by Stephane Rolland, and I think it’s a perfect look for a modern quirky bride like Solange herself!

However she stole the show in her beautiful wedding gown.


Here she is with her new husband, and I think she looks amazing! I love how she kept her Afro and didn’t tame her curls and kept it natural! It absolutely makes the look! She looks fabulous head to toe. This stunning dress is by Humberto Leon for Kenzo and I again love the cape!!! Capes were a huge trend in the summer, and I think they’re fab! This dress is HER! She’s fun, quirky and different! She pulls this dress off and I think a “traditional” dress just wouldn’t fit her look and personality.

Her whole wedding party wore white, and I think it’s chic and clean cut and beautiful. The rustic venue just compliments this and it’s just effortlessly cool!


As always Bey looks a-mazing. I love this modest length on her, paired with high heels she looks beautiful – not outshining the bride however!
Her bargain look (well for Beyoncé anyway) costs only $349! Designed by Torn by Ronnie Kobo. I love how simple it is, and her amazing body does the talking. She’s just a superstar, she would look good in a bin bag!
What did you all think of the wedding?

VS Fantasy Bra

Every year towards Christmas time I get so excited for the Victoria’ Secret fashion show, and of course the gorrrrgeous underwear! And one underwear set in particular – the TWO MILLION fantasy bra! Last year Candice wore the bra;


She is an absolute dream! The bra last year was amazing and I think it’s completely gorgeous, and of course she looks beautiful!

This year Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are wearing the bra’s each worth two million each!


I love this blue colouring on Adriana’s skin tone, I think it’s so flattering! And the red is of course very sexy and fitting for the show! I adore how there are loads of jewels and not JUST about the bra itself.


With all the drop jewels it has a very Indian/Arabian vibe I feel, and it’s super pretty as well. I love how each year they have a big reveal as to who is wearing it and how it’s styled!
I can’t wait to see the rest of the sets, and I definitely need to buy myself some!
What do you think of it?

Wang x H&M

As I’m sure you’re all aware Alexander Wang has debuted a collaboration with British high street store H&M, which I’m very excited about!
I adore it when high profile designers collaborate with affordable brands, making the more prestigious clothes available to everyone! I hate the way it is that designer is just out of reach for some people – even if they have an amazing passion for clothes. I think it’s a great idea to do collaborations like this!



I love the futuristic style of this range, very monochrome and chic. I feel like it’s heading to a more sports luxe style for sure, it’s very simple yet if you were to look at a piece from this collection you know who designed it.


I’m IN LOVE with how this was styled on the catwalk, keeping with the futuristic theme. I think it’s so innovative and interesting, it captures exactly what this collection is about! It’s exciting!


Tyson Beckford also walked the runway.
It’s serious and ridged but you can wear these pieces with so many different options, I would most definitely be having a look for these when I can!!
What do you think about this collaboration?

Polo Neck Love

I ordered this gorg H&M crop polo neck the other month, and I love it! It was so popular when I went to buy it, it had already sold out!


It’s a really nice knit material, and I LOVE this boxy shape! It comes just to the right place on me, where it would look really nice with any pair of high waisted jeans!
As for it only being £14.99 I think that’s a bargain! It’s so cosy as well, I’m wearing it as we speak with just a leather jacket – we all know how English weather can be – and I’m all comfy and warm!


I didn’t really think I’d be a fan of this neckline, it was quite irritating to wear whilst trying to eat cereal this morning, however I love it! I definitely will be purchasing more polo necks this Winter!
I’m wearing it with my ripped Topshop jeans (which I’ve previously wrote about) and my snakeskin slip ons!
What do you think about these? Love or hate?