Best day of the month!

So payday has finally come around! I went on a little shopping expedition with my best friend Beth, and you know when you have a really good day because you buy loads of good things and you’re really pleased with them? It’s been one of them!


The first buy was this gorgeous underwear set from Topshop! I love buying new underwear, and this is right up my street! I love pastels and lace, and I think this is so girly and pretty! £18 for the bra and £8 for the thong, which I think is quite well priced! I’d definitely have a look in Topshop if you’re after new underwear!


Zara had these little khaki beauties, they’re high waisted pants with zips and detailing on the knees (they’re far darker than in this picture) these were only £19.99!
I think these would be great in winter with boots and a leather jacket! They’re really flattering as well as they’re high waisted and really tight fitting.

And the next (my favourite)


This aaaammmmaaaazzzziiiiinnnngggg bomber jacket is from H&M and I’m so in love! It’s very Versace I feel! I think this is so great! And for £35.99 (it’s fully quilted inside and is great material) isn’t too bad! I’ve wanted a bomber jacket for ages and this is perfect! I love these colours – very autumn/winter – however my friend described it as a carpet! I adore it, and will be getting my use out of it this winter!
What do you think?


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