Birthday OOTD

So today is my birthday! I’m turning 19 today, and I’m so excited to go out tonight with all my friends and have a nice relaxed weekend off work!


I’m keeping it relaxed today, I’m just nipping into Manchester to have a walk around and get a few last minute bits before all my friends come over tonight!
I’m wearing my ripped jeans by Topshop (£45) and this striped body by New Look, I got this so long ago I can’t even remember how much it cost me! I’m also wearing my snakeskin slip ons also by Topshop (£20), now I’ve worn them in they’re the comfiest shoes!


I also got a new Casio watch for my birthday, so I’m giving this it’s first outing today! Just throwing my Miss Selfridge leather jacket on to keep me warm, luckily it’s not too cold today – and let’s pray there’s no rain!


I slept with my hair in French plaits yesterday night to give my hair a bit of a wave and some volume, it’s getting so long! I did this so that when I curl it tonight it will have a bit of extra oomf than it would usually!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x


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