I’ve found an amazing new shopping app, I’m completely obsessed! If any of you have heard or used the website you will love this app!


It’s exactly like fancy, with the fact you browse loads of items – from clothing to cookery – and it’s things that you usually wouldn’t find with conventional shopping!
You make a little profile and “like” and “keep” the items you find interesting (hence the name) and then if something was to go in the sale, you get notified! What’s not to love!!!?


If anyone has it follow me using the username “emilypells” I’m completely addicted and I’ve made a little list of items all ready to buy on payday! You can choose the price range, item specifics so you can browse just what you want! I’d highly recommend, tell me what you think!!


Work Attire.

Straight back into reality and straight back to work! Since I’m a bit sad and have the holiday blues I’m wearing pretty much all back hehe.


I’m wearing all American Apparel! I have my dogtooth bodysuit and my easy jeans in black on today! It’s a bit out of my style range but I thought I’d try these fishnet socks with my flatforms today! I really like the look actually and I might have to purchase some more!!


Here is a close up of my bodysuit, it’s got a really nice neckline I think, it’s quite flattering and a bit different as it’s high necked! I love it, the best thing is I got it for free!

Finally today is the day!

After counting down since the start of the year I’m off on holiday today finally!!! I’ve just been to get my nails done, shellac as it’s healthier for your nails, in a nice hot pink!


In this picture I’m also wearing my fave DNKY watch and my Marc Jacobs leather ID bracelet, wear these everyday!! Hopefully the weather is glorious as it’s pissing it down today, see you in a week!


So yesterday I blogged about my new swimsuit for holiday, and also said I can wear it as a bodysuit! Here’s an example of what I mean!

I’m wearing this to work and pairing it with my American Apparel black easy jeans! As you can see what I mean it’s backless and also has a bit of the side missing, I’ve had loads of compliments from it, I love it!
I think pairing it with jeans doesn’t make it too sexy for the daytime but you can dress it up with a skirt for the nighttime!

Nearly holiday time!!!

So after nearly a month without blogging I finally have my new phone so I can update all the time, so happy! So as you may know I’ve started my job at American Apparel, and a lovely little perk for that is 50% off! I’ve picked up this gorgeous swimsuit (£40), it’s backless and quite high cut I love it! It’s super flattering and the best thing is, I can double it up as a bodysuit and wear it in the day time!! I love the pattern, the stripes are simple yet really different and I think it’ll look great with a tan! I love the simplicity but yet it’s really eye catching and cool! What do you think? Have you made any holiday purchases recently?