I’m super happy to say that after nearly a year of trying to find a new job, I’ve finally FINALLY got the best job working in American Apparel, I’m so happy! I’m so due some good luck haha! As you know I love fashion so this job is perfect. The clothes are gorgeous and to me – its like a big shopping trip! When I’m working I always think of outfits to put together and new pieces I can wear with my clothes already. It doesn’t hurt that I get 50% discount and free clothes every 6 months either!!

When new seasons and stock arrive I will blog all the new details, however, there are so many gorgeous clothes this season I would definitely advise you all to get down to your local store and have a gander!!


My new bargain!

I took a little shopping trip the other day and had a look at the Urban Outfitters sale, usually I can never find anything for me buuuut I came across this dress! It was originally £52 and was marked down to just £5, I was quite impressed! It was a size small which was a bit too big for me and as I’m only short it was far too long – coming halfway down my shins. I do love midi dresses but I think they would only look right on me if it was fitted well and coming just below my knees so it isn’t too long to make me look even shorter.
I love to sew and my grandma taught me when I was only 7 or so! We used to practise different stitches together, that may be where I get my love of clothes from! I pinned and tacked the dress from the inside-out and then sewed and over locked the edges to keep it from fraying, cutting away the excess material. Taking up the hem is always straightforward, it now comes just above my knees and fits me exactly!
I really love it, especially the neon orange and the fishnet exposed back! What do you think??