New Sunnies!


I’m going away in August and I’ve been creating a massive long list of holiday clothes and essentials I will need! I have no idea why but I’ve completely lost all my sunglasses, I do this every year as soon as it gets sunny and appropriate to wear sunglasses again, mine just seem to disappear!

Being on a budget I’ve been looking on eBay but all the shipping times take so long and I’m SO impatient. So I headed to Primark and picked up these babies for £2 each!!!!! Such a great bargain.

I love these browny framed over-sized ones, they look like great copies of ones you can find in Topshop or even designer ones! These are more ‘my style’ and I’ve always loved over sized sunglasses. They’re a safe option for me!

Although, these matte black circular ones are very cute and I thought I’d try something different! They’re very cool, and I think they’d make any outfit a bit quirky and brings something a bit different to the look!

There’s still a lot to get on my list for holiday, but thankfully sunglasses are ticked off the list and I have a bit more in my budget to spend on clothes! Roll on August!!


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