It’s getting to that time for high schoolers to have their big leavers prom! I can’t believe mine was 2 years ago now! I’ve included a picture of the dress I wore for my own prom, I absolutely loved it. I chose this because I thought it wasn’t too ‘in your face’ I didn’t really want a huge puffy dress but still wanted something that would stand out. I love the neckline on this dress, that’s what drew me in originally. You can’t really see but it’s all embroidered and the two straps round the neck carry on down so it had a slightly low back. The material chiffon, all light and flowing! I thought the peachy colour complimented my blonde hair with my skin tone. I chose to wear silver glitter heels with a jewelled silver clutch bag! I thought it bought it all together! I opted to have my hair in a curly up-do with quite natural make-up (done by myself!) I made my mum hold the umbrella for me, little diva!! It’s such a nice end to high school and anyone going will enjoy themselves very much!!


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