Blake Lively in Cannes

OH. MY. GOD. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how amazingly beautiful Blake Lively is?


She first stepped out in this absolutely to die for maroon Gucci gown in Cannes. I just cannot even look at this picture without wanting to cry. I just want to be her. She looks absolutely amazing, so perfect. The dress is SO gorgeous, it’s so eye-catching. The shape of the neck is different and the way the material just falls with the two splits up the front!!! I cannot fault this look at all. It’s sheer perfection. I love the earrings and the bracelets, it just gives it that little something extra! I love her hair pulled back into that slick pony as to show off the neckline and the earrings, it’s just perfect! She is to die for, an absolute beauty!

The next look is this STUNNING Chanel gown.


I mean look at this? It’s like a mermaid, a bag of sequins and God just had sex. I love this look so much, she looks amazing. The pockets are so cool, they just give it that edge that you wouldn’t expect! I think the corseting is vital, if it wasn’t so pulled in at the waist then this could have looked a bit boxy and unflattering. The way it’s iridescent is so eye-catching, this dress is so beautiful. I love how she has her hair down and tousled too, it’s not too severe with this dress as it’s extremely feminine. The way she has kept her colour pallet together is good too, too much colour would have ruined this look!


I think this is so amazing, I can’t get over how much I love this dress. She look so amazing, and I’ve always thought she dressed impeccably! What do you think? X


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