Emma Stone

Image One woman who’s fashion I’m completely in love with at the moment is Emma Stone’s. She has been looking amazing recently and her outfit’s are to die for and she is making her way to be a complete fashion icon. The picture seen above was taken at The Amazing Spiderman 2 premier in Paris, and I think this dress is nothing short of perfection. I think it’s perfect for the occasion and it’s very couture. The detailing is very eye-catching and stands out against the pale blue material, I think this colour is fabulous on her completion and is very flattering on her. The cape style on the back is something I love, I think it gives an edge to a dress and makes it more interesting, as well as something to look at from the back. Image Another dress which I have completely fallen in love with is this Versace golden gown, as seen above. I think this is pure perfection!!! Also worn at a premier recently, I think this dress is elegant, fun and absolutely gorgeous! The yellow compliments her hair and her pale skin beautifully. The slightly dipped back makes it even more interesting and the pop of colour on her lips brings this whole look together. Minimal jewellery is very important also, she doesn’t wear much in either of these looks which I think is vital as the dresses are very statement and too much jewellery could completely ruin this look. I think any designers would be dying to dress her! I think she is finding herself with fashion and she is looking amazing! I’m excited to see what she wears next.


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