Summer Time


It’s starting to get warmer and people are booking their holidays for the Summer and no doubt people will be holiday shopping! I’m going away with all my friends to Malia this August and I’ve been stocking up on bikini’s and trying to find myself some little sun dresses and sandals! The peach and flowery bikini above is from H&M and I think will look lovely with a tan, it was only cheap too. However, you have to buy the two pieces separate, which sometimes isn’t bad if you need different sizes but can be a bit more costly. OR you could even mix and match! I love H&M for holiday clothes and simple pieces, it’s still cheap but has great quality.

Image This neon green bikini is from good old Primark, only £4! I love this colour, and think this will also look great when you have a tan! Being only very cheap, it’s still great looking and eye-catching. I think Primark are great for basic clothes and holiday pieces! Of course, you find the rubbish cheap looking clothes but there are still the great finds! You can pick up sunglasses and flip flops for around £1, and get great bikinis (with tops and bottoms) for around £3.


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