Kate Moss Collection

Image I can’t believe I’ve only just got round to having a look at Kate Moss’ new collection for Topshop, I’ve been so busy with working and preparing for my A Levels! However, I have to say it’s absolutely stunning! Having a browse on the website and the amount of ‘Sold out online’ tabs I’m seeing is crazy, it was clearly loved by many more than just me! Although it being pricy, I have to say it would be worth investing, the pieces she has created are timeless and without a doubt beautiful. I especially love these dresses I’ve included with this post, the flapper style dress – £250 – is amazing and most definitely a statement dress perfect for College balls or 18th’s and 21st’s. It also has a matching style jacket – £225 – although I would pair that a more casual outfit and let the jacket do the talking. The black dress – £130 – is perfect for parties and dinner dates. I would pair with a delicate pair of heels and minimal jewellery as the shoulder detail is the statement here. Image What pieces do you love? X


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