Feeling Pink

One thing that I’ve been on the hunt for recently is pretty blouses! You know when you’re planning on wearing jeans and “a nice top” for a night out, and all you have is the same bodysuit you always wear and… The same three tshirts you always wear. First world problems.

I found this amazing little number on ASOS – it’s by Manchester based brand, Glamorous. I think it was originally £26, but with a nifty little discount code, I got it for £20 and free delivery. Dream.

It’s a beautiful dusty rose colour, and the thing I love the most about this blouse is the pleats! It starts at the collar and comes down pretty much half-way. It looks a lot more expensive than it’s retailing for, and it’s the perfect item to dress up any outfit. 

I paired my blouse with my favourite snakeskin boots from Shoeaholics – by Carvela, the sworn-by Joni jeans at Topshop and this beaut coat by BooHoo. 

Jeans: Topshop

Blouse: Glamorous at ASOS 

Boots: Carvela at Shoeaholics

Coat: BooHoo

Bag: Next – as it’s now sold out, click here for a similar option. 

New Beauty Buys

As my previous post on cruelty free make up got such a good response (click here to catch up) I thought I’d do another on my new buys.

I’ve recently been introduced to brand Revolution (which you can pick up in Superdrug) and I love it! I’ve bought a contour and blush pallet which are amazing

This is my first contour pallet so I’ve got nothing to compare to, I did have my eye on the Anastasia Beverley Hills pallet but never got round to buy it, but this one is so good for me and so reasonably priced – £8

It has a range of colours and a shimmery shade for cheek bones and brows, and is really blendable. You don’t really need much product which is good too! (Depending on how you like your make up though of course). 

Their blush pallet is sooo pretty and almost doubles as a highlighter. I usually get my big Spectrum fan brush and swipe across two colours to get a mix – my new go to! 

Another brand which I’ve been dying to try is Kiko. I picked up (before I got my Revolution contour pallet) a brown concealer to contour my cheek bones and around my forehead and this beautiful blush stick which is now one of my firm favourites! The colour is kind of a deep dusty rose and has a slight shimmer to it.

I started blending this in with my beauty blender but I’ve come to realise it actually looks better blending with just my fingers as my beauty blender actually takes too much product away. It’s such a nice shade and really easy for day to day wear. I can’t believe how reasonably priced Kiko are, I need another shop soon I think!! 

Whilst picking up my contour pallet from Superdrug the other day I spotted this Gosh setting power and was curious to try. I always see pictures of girls “baking” and “setting” their make up with loose powders and it does give such a nice finish and I have to say this works wonders on my skin. I have quite oily skin and at midday my concealer always seems to be fading – this keeps it set in place and looking freshly applied! Honestly, I’ll be using this from now on. 

My second Gosh buy was this bottle of illuminating drops – I tested it on the back of my hand and although I probably don’t need ANY more highlighters it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug so it’d be rude not to! It’s super pretty and stays on all day, it’s so easy to apply again – I just drop some onto my fingertips and blend in.

My last buy which I bought a few weeks ago on my birthday is the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara. I got a tester delivered with a parcel a few months ago and I couldn’t stop using it. I always struggle with mascara, I like long, thick lashes that don’t droop and flake over the course of the day and the majority I have tried just don’t work for me. This lifts your lashes, gives plenty of thickness and volume and I looove it. It’s £25 so a little pricier than I’d is usually like to pay, but for me it’s so worth it. And it lasts forever! (I still actually have my tester). 

I hope you enjoyed part two of my new beauty buys! Keep an eye out for my next post coming soon. 

Autumn/ Winter Must Haves

I can’t quite believe how fast this year is going, we’re nearly in November! It’s Halloween weekend, and next week it’s Bonfire Night – this is my favourite part of the year by far. (Not just because it was my birthday last week either… Well, that might play a part in it too.)

The nights are getting darker and colder, and that can only mean one thing: new Winter clothes. I’ve started picking up a few bits, but there is so much more on my wish list! Starting with this coat – I need it.


This is from Pretty Little Thing and comes in 5 different colours – this one’s Deep Peach. It’s £50, but there are a few different styles of this type of jacket. So the prices varies slightly. Love this colour, and it looks sooo snuggly and warm. Sold.


The next item on my wish list are these beauties from Public Desire – they’re a collaboration with another beauty, Hailey Baldwin. Obviously, I love velvet (hint, the name of my blog) the colour, however, isn’t something I’d usually go for – but I think it works on these shoes. They’re £39.99 on their website now – a girl can never have to many shoes.


On the topic of shoes, I’ve had my eye on these babies for too long now. They’re from Miss Selfridge and I am so in love with them. I love embroidery, I think it’s so pretty – on these boots it looks insane. Maybe the only downside to these is that they’re £85 – can I justify spending that much on these boots… I wouldn’t put it past me.


I have a new favourite website in the form of Zafuland that is exactly where I found this amazing blouse. I stumbled across them on Instagram, and the website is full of everything you could need. And SO cheap. One thing I can’t get enough of at the moment is trumpet/ bell sleeve blouses. I think they make an outfit look expensive and put together – can you believe this is only £16?!


These faux leather trousers are from H&M and I need them in my wardrobe! I always wear jeans so I need something to switch it up a bit. You could easily dress these down with a t-shirt and trainers or slip on a pair of heels (and the Zaful blouse above!) and you’re ready for a night out. They’re only £24.99 and I love how they sit just on your ankle – a perfect fit for me.


This snuggly scarf is from ASOS and I was actually given this as a birthday present last week from my lovely friend Beth! I’ve worn it so many times already – it’s so warm and cosy. The thing I love about this scarf is the colour, it adds a pop of colour to any outfit and brings a bit of life.

What are you stocking up on this season?

Comfy Cosy

As I mentioned in my previous post (click here to have a read), I have a new obsession in the form of my Missguided suede fringed jacket. In this post I’m dressing it down with my go-to Joni Topshop jeans, a cosy jumper from H&M and my trusty Gazelles which I seem to be wearing with everything at the moment. 

I love this little H&M jumper – people who know me well, know I always live in strappy tops and tshirts and I’m ALWAYS cold (and always in a dressing gown). 

I needed to get myself a few nice jumpers for upcoming Winter and this was such a good buy. Only £14.99! I love this ribbed material and the slits up the cuff and sides just add a little something to an outfit. 

The pop of the mustard yellow and bright green again the rest of the monochrome outfit is something I love! I always find myself drawn to blacks and whites in clothing thinking that I’ll get more use out of them as they’ll “go with everything.”  I’m definitely going to start picking up a few more stand-out pieces this Autumn/ Winter. 

Thigh High

The three items I’m wearing in the pictures below I feel are three versatile pieces you can switch up and mix and match no matter what season or what occasion.


I’ve wanted a suede fringed jacket for SO LONG. This baby is from Missguided – in the sale! I think originally it was supposed to be £45, but I paid around £22. I was so happy! I love the fringing down the arms and across the back, it’s so cute. The colour is amazing as well, another reason why I love it so much. This mustard yellow adds a pop of colour to any outfit. All in all, one of my best purchases recently! I wear this a lot with just jeans and trainers day to day, but it dresses up really nicely. It’s perfect to take on a night out to keep you warm but still look stylish, I honestly think it would go with most outfits. If ONE more person tells me I look like a cowboy though.

I’ve had my eye on these Lamoda thigh high boots for a while. I just love the chunky heel and the little peep toe. Again these most definitely dress up an outfit and take it from day to night, and they keep you so warm! It’s like having a little blanket on your legs, so good for upcoming Autumn/ Winter. (And no fake tanning, winner). The thing I like most about these boots is that they’re tight to your leg, I’ve seen a lot of long boots that are baggy and I just don’t think it looks as good as having them tighter.


I purposely bought this Pretty Little Thing dress to wear with long boots as I think it’s the ideal shape. I like how it’s loose and smock like so it’s not too much when wearing with such a statement shoe. The plunge neckline is another thing I love as it just adds that little something extra to this outfit. I just had to take this dress up an inch or so just as I’m only short and I like to have a small space in between the top of my boot and the hem of my dress.


Ideal for a transitional outfit from Summer into Autumn. What do you think?

Cruelty Free Beauty

So recently I’m making a conscious effort to buy cosmetics that are not tested on animals and if I can – find beauty products that are vegan. I’m not sat here writing this in a pair of elephant printed pantaloons with a bindi on my forehead, it just seems more ethical to me, having seen the horrific things some poor animals endure. (I do love a bindi though).

I have been researching for a little bit, and had a bit of knowledge already but wanted to replace my existing make up when it ran out with cruelty free options.

So I’ve been buying into companies such as NARS, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverley Hills and NYX.

all make up.png

I’m so impressed with Urban Decay – I’ve never bought anything from them before but recently bought the All Nighter Setting Spray (for combination skin) and their Naked Skin Concealer. I’ve heard amazing things about their setting spray so I had to try it! I bought their travel size to begin with which was only £9, barg. As you can see from the picture above, it’s still a great size and will last me ages. Their concealer is perfect for me, I bought the lightest shade as I love the brightness it gives under your eyes. Perfect for contouring. 

make up all .png

NYX are also a company I’m loving, that are SO affordable. I bought their Matte Finish Setting Spray as I can get a bit shiny throughout the day. It was only £7 which I thought was fab, and it had great reviews too. I have to say it’s great at keeping my shiny forehead at bay. For day to day use at work, and for the price, it’s amazing. I would most definifely recommend to anyone.

make up .png

Their Matte Lip Creams are so good too – for only £5.50 each you literally can not go wrong. I wanted to try a darker, brown shade but wasn’t sure what it would look like on me so bought Dubai from them. I. Love. It. Abu Dhabi is another great darker shade, pictures don’t really do them justice. They stay on for ages, don’t dry your lips out and don’t smudge.


On the topic of lips, Kylie Cosmetics is another cruelty free brand I’m obsessing over. Click here to read my review. Created by the fabuluz Kylie Jenner, these three nudes are my go-to currently. They dry fast, they DO NOT BUDGE – I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE and the colours are so pigmented and pretty. Heir is my current favourite, I love the shimmer it has to it.

Make up - highlighter.png

If anyone knows me, I’m obsessed with anything shimmery, dazzling and shiny. I’m a human magpie. Highlighters are a must for me, I love the colour of NARSSuper Orgasm. It’s easy to apply, I add a small amount to a foundation brush and dab onto my cheekbones and blend in with a sponge. There are various shades of this illuminator, so get buying. Anastasia Beverley Hills is such a cult brand at the moment, So Hollywood is to die for. It’s so shimmery and catches the light even with the slightest head tilt, perfect for a night out.

I’ve also bought her Dipbrow Pomade in shade Taupe which is ideal for me. I have quite light blonde hair, so obviously didn’t want anything to dark. This is the perfect shade, it’s so easy to use and you can blend into lighter and darker shades so easily. If you’re like me, you’ll like it lighter at the start of the brow and getting darker towards the tip. Her #12 duo brush is a must buy with this.

I could go on and on, but I will stop myself here! I am aware some brand I’ve mentioned are owned by companies that unfortunately do test on animals, such as L’Oréal and Shiseido. The brands themselves do not test on animals. I would love any suggestions of new brands I’m unaware of to try!

I’m certainly no beauty expert, but I love these products and I hope you do too!

Emily xo



As they say.. Beauty is pain. I would most definitely include wearing an (ill-fitting) bra in this phrase! I have a love hate relationship with underwear. You feel fabulous wearing a matching underwear set, and finding a bra that flatters your figure and gives you curves in all the right places is the BEST. However, wearing a bra that is too big or too small, rides up, falls down and is generally a massive pain is the WORST.

ThirdLove feel our pain and have put together a little infographic to help!

FullSizeRender (1)

It may seem like second nature to put on a bra, and how, but these little tips will help you! Praise to ThirdLove!

But I’m a girl and I love to moan, so lets carry on!

The poke. If you know. You know. *Eye roll*. The wire coming out of your bra, is singlehandedly the most annoying thing EVER. It hurts too! The only solution to this is.. Buy another, however you can prevent it in the first place.

The main thing  I would suggest – and this goes for a lot of things – is, if you want quality you may have to pay slightly more to achieve this. You can’t expect to pay £5 for a bra, and for it to stay in shape, and not to fall apart!

This may sound slightly gross, however, not washing your bra constantly will also help. This will keep your bra from loosing colour and wearing the material thin.

Strapless bras, the trouble I’ve had with these bad boys! Two minutes into wearing one, and it’s already halfway down your waist!

I always would look for a supported, structured strapless bra to combat this. I would also make a point to check if the bra cup itself has a strip of gel across the top to help ‘stick’ to your skin. This will help stop it falling down.

As mentioned in the infographic above, gaping and quad-boob are other major issues. ThirdLove  have an amazing bra sizing technique that WILL help us girls struggling out there! They do half cup sizes! This is such a good idea – half dress sizes anyone?

Below, I have included a few of my favourite styles from their website. Click here to shop, and have a browse yourself. The colours, the materials. Sooo dreamy.




To make this Thursday even better – I have a discount code for you! Enter BRABLEMS at the checkout for 15% off your order – oh yes! Happy shopping!

Do you have any brablems that I haven’t mentioned?

Emily xo