Hair Care Musts

One thing I get asked a lot about is my hair, how I keep it so long, how I style it and so on. I’ve always had long hair, when I was younger I used to be able to sit on it, I definitely could not handle it at that length now! 

Although I do love it long, it’s such a hassle when it comes to washing it, and when it sticks to my lipgloss.. And in Summer when it’s like an electric blanket on your head – but I won’t go into that now. 

I never have really found a shampoo/ conditioner that makes my hair feel like it does after a visit to the salon. I have to shampoo my hair twice and use gallons of conditioner just to get it looking semi presentable. And believe me, there only has to be a gust of wind and it’s a mess again! 

After a visit to my hairdresser she recommended buying a purple shampoo as it keeps that lovely ashy, almost grey, colour that I’m loving at the moment. It also helps keep brassy and yellow tones at bay. After a visit to Boots I picked up this Charles Worthington shampoo and conditioner set, for about £14 or so. AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER.

Honestly, my hair has never felt like it does now. I think sleek is the best word I can use to describe it. Silky, sleek and smooth! My hair used to go really puffy, and dry a day or so after washing, but now that is all gone! 

I keep the shampoo on for a minute or so before washing it off, and the same with the conditioner. I run my fingers through my hair with the conditioner on to comb it and to get out any knots and tangles. I don’t ever use a brush on my hair whilst it’s wet as it tears and pulls and doesn’t really do my hair any good. 

I also use the Charles Worthington hair oil, which smells beautiful too. I use a pump on wet hair and mainly focus on the tips of my hair. You can use on dry hair too to help tame any stray flyaways. Another bonus about this brand is that they’re cruelty free! 

I’ve been using these items for about 6 months now, and I really can tell a difference. I would honestly recommend to anyone, even my boyfriend loves to steal them from me! 


Gingham and Frills

Finally a bit of sun – it seems to make everything a little bit more bareable! Even when the sun does shine, I still seem to gravitate towards my black boots and bomber jacket, and I never really get my legs out. Tanning and shaving? Can anyone really be bothered?! 

However, this summer I’m going to try and style up a few more dresses and skirts as I’ve found such nice pieces recently! 

One item I bought not long ago is these Pretty Little Thing gingham cropped trousers, that every woman and their dog seems to be wearing! I was drawn to them because of the frilly hems and waistband and the fact that I never wear any trousers other than jeans! 

They fit me really well, I got a size 6 and they’re perfect. The only thing that bothered me slightly is that they were a bit short on the leg, nothing major! However, an inch longer and they’d be ideal.

I paired my gingham pants with this Sainsburys top I bought maybe a few months ago, it was only about £18! I absolutely love the sleeves on this top, they’re quite dramatic but really easily dress up an outfit. 

I layer this under jumpsuits which looks fab, and it also looks effortless with just jeans and flats. 

I don’t think a lot of people go to supermarkets for clothes – I may be wrong, let me know! However, I always find really pretty pieces at such good prices! I once bought a wax jacket from Tesco F&F, and everyone asked me if it was Barbour! I think it was only about £20, I still have it now. 

So many clothing suppliers supply clothing to high street brands AND supermarkets. Zara and Topshop may buy their clothing from the same place that supply Tesco and Sainsburys. So, essentially, there really is no difference! Maybe just cheaper prices.

I wore my black faux suede Public Desire boots with this outfit – and I love the fact they’re a “sock” fit. I hate when boots gape away from your leg! Even better that I got them for 40% off! 

I wear these all the time now, they look great with jeans, or dresssed up with a little day dress. However, I found out I CANNOT drive in these. After about a second (literally) I had to pull over and drive in my socks for the sake of my own health. 

I accessoried with a Pretty Little Thing gold chocker, which I love, and my cat-eye Lamoda sunglasses.

The chocker can be pretty tight though, I found out the hard way after having a melt down on New Years Eve because I couldn’t get it off! I was a little drunk though, but still. 

The sunglasses are so me, I love them. I love the cat-eye shape, and they’re big enough to hide your eyebrows if you’re having a bad brow day. 

I’m hopefully going to write up more outfit posts soon, I have a lot of things I want to blog about! Thank you for reading – keep an eye out for my next post. X

Self Confidence 

I have definitely always felt very self conscious in what I wear and how I put myself across, since I can remember. If I wore something a bit out of my comfort zone, it would be on my mind the entire day, and I couldn’t wait to get home and change into something different. The habit of changing ten times until I’m comfortable. Thinking you look okay, going outside to get on with your day then… I regret this decision! I feel horrible! 

It’s taken me a long time to stop comparing myself to others – and getting self conscious by wearing or doing something different to someone else. I would honestly say maybe up until a year ago, I was so insecure in myself and the way I look – and even now I still get pangs of anxiousness where I just want to crawl into a hole away from everyone! But now, I know that everyone is different and we all have our own unique qualities and beauties that others don’t have. It doesn’t matter AT ALL how you look or how you dress – there are always going to be people that have something to say. You just need to realise that not everyone’s opinion matters – and that is what I’m coming to terms with myself. 

In light of this, I got some inspiration from Dia&Co, who love to help people push boundaries, feel confident and try something new in the way they dress. Click here to have a browse of their website and get some inspiration of your own. My challenge was to wear something that I normally wouldn’t and try something new. 

I chose to wear a midi skirt – the reason being, I NEVER wear anything this length because I always feel I’m too short and the cut just doesn’t suit me. 

This style and fit always looks so good on my friends, but I just never take the plunge to wear it myself. 

This scuba style skirt is from Topshop in almost a deep teal colour. I bought this skirt when this style was quite popular, and I never really wore it. 

Even when I put this outfit on and looked back at some of the pictures I still kept thinking “This does not look right at all!” “I need to pick something else!” 

Looking back now, I know it doesn’t really look awful at all. I just kept telling myself that midi styles were not for me – when actually it’s a nice alternative to always wearing trousers or shorter dresses. 

My bodysuit is from Primark – a little bargain at about £6! There has been such nice pieces in at the moment – I got the cutest bell sleeve jumper for £10 the other day. So pleased! 

My strappy gold heels are from Public Desire – they literally go with anything which is my reasoning for wearing them to death! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post – it was really great for me to write and explain how I had felt about my confidence levels and trying new things. I hope you take from this a new feeling of confidence and attitude of “I look good!” 

Keep an eye out for my next post soon! 

Valentines Date Night

Valentines is just round the corner so I thought I would bring a little v-day inspiration! 

As Valentines falls on a Tuesday this year I would have thought dinner and drinks may be the go-to date night. Unless your a party animal and you’re out on a school night, then go girl! (I’ll be the one sleeping). 

My outfit of choice is quite simple – my favourite Joni jeans from Topshop, gold strap heels from Public Desire, my favourite body from BooHoo (bought on ASOS) and this beautiful satin, waterfall duster from In The Style

I’m obsessed with this pink duster from In The Style – you can also wear this as a dress. Just wrap it around you and tie! Simple and pretty! Two for the price of one – winner

This bodysuit is another piece I’m loving. It’s super flattering and comfortable. It doesn’t fall down or gape which can happen with strapless garments. I never usually shop in BooHoo, but I’m obsessed with this body. 

If you’re looking for a little something for your other half this Valentines Day – Paul Fredrick have some fabulous items for your boyf. If I have any male readers out there, this could be one for you, too! 

These socks are a cute little present idea, and one to wear sneakily if he’s shy! 

If your man is happy to wear something a little more bold, have a look at this cute tie and tie bar

Click here to view some more valentines themed goodies from their range!  

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentines and keep an eye out for my next post soon! 

Bell Sleeves and Bombers

So the festivities are over *sob* and it’s back to work for me! I have been pigging out the entire month of December so I thought I would be productive and bring you a little outfit post. 

I love wearing all black, and I’ve had a few new additions to my wardrobe over the past month. The newest black item to find its way into my life is this bodysuit by Australian brand, Pepper Mayo. As I have mentioned in previous posts I’m a little bit obsessed with bell sleeves (and bodysuits) – this is both! Winner.

It’s been said that bell sleeves are set to be a big trend in 2017, so get on the bandwagon! 

I saw it on their Instagram and fell in love. It was only roughly £24, excluding postage and fees. This is called their Mayer bodysuit – find it on their website here

The bardot neckline is another feature I’m really into. I think it looks really feminine and even just showing your shoulders off can add that little something extra to your outfit. 

I paired my bodysuit with some H&M crinkled cropped trousers, an Urban Outfitters bomber and my trusty snakeskin booties from Shoeaholics (which I wear far too much). 

I’ve also been wearing this bomber jacket to death! I found this in the sale a month or so ago, whilst I was “Christmas” shopping. It was reduced from around £50 I think to just £15. So pleased! It’s a size medium, so a little oversized, and it’s so warm too, which you wouldn’t think. Another feature I love is the bright orange lining – you just get a little flash of colour when you move.

Feeling Pink

One thing that I’ve been on the hunt for recently is pretty blouses! You know when you’re planning on wearing jeans and “a nice top” for a night out, and all you have is the same bodysuit you always wear and… The same three tshirts you always wear. First world problems.

I found this amazing little number on ASOS – it’s by Manchester based brand, Glamorous. I think it was originally £26, but with a nifty little discount code, I got it for £20 and free delivery. Dream.

It’s a beautiful dusty rose colour, and the thing I love the most about this blouse is the pleats! It starts at the collar and comes down pretty much half-way. It looks a lot more expensive than it’s retailing for, and it’s the perfect item to dress up any outfit. 

I paired my blouse with my favourite snakeskin boots from Shoeaholics – by Carvela, the sworn-by Joni jeans at Topshop and this beaut coat by BooHoo. 

Jeans: Topshop

Blouse: Glamorous at ASOS 

Boots: Carvela at Shoeaholics

Coat: BooHoo

Bag: Next – as it’s now sold out, click here for a similar option. 

New Beauty Buys

As my previous post on cruelty free make up got such a good response (click here to catch up) I thought I’d do another on my new buys.

I’ve recently been introduced to brand Revolution (which you can pick up in Superdrug) and I love it! I’ve bought a contour and blush pallet which are amazing

This is my first contour pallet so I’ve got nothing to compare to, I did have my eye on the Anastasia Beverley Hills pallet but never got round to buy it, but this one is so good for me and so reasonably priced – £8

It has a range of colours and a shimmery shade for cheek bones and brows, and is really blendable. You don’t really need much product which is good too! (Depending on how you like your make up though of course). 

Their blush pallet is sooo pretty and almost doubles as a highlighter. I usually get my big Spectrum fan brush and swipe across two colours to get a mix – my new go to! 

Another brand which I’ve been dying to try is Kiko. I picked up (before I got my Revolution contour pallet) a brown concealer to contour my cheek bones and around my forehead and this beautiful blush stick which is now one of my firm favourites! The colour is kind of a deep dusty rose and has a slight shimmer to it.

I started blending this in with my beauty blender but I’ve come to realise it actually looks better blending with just my fingers as my beauty blender actually takes too much product away. It’s such a nice shade and really easy for day to day wear. I can’t believe how reasonably priced Kiko are, I need another shop soon I think!! 

Whilst picking up my contour pallet from Superdrug the other day I spotted this Gosh setting power and was curious to try. I always see pictures of girls “baking” and “setting” their make up with loose powders and it does give such a nice finish and I have to say this works wonders on my skin. I have quite oily skin and at midday my concealer always seems to be fading – this keeps it set in place and looking freshly applied! Honestly, I’ll be using this from now on. 

My second Gosh buy was this bottle of illuminating drops – I tested it on the back of my hand and although I probably don’t need ANY more highlighters it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug so it’d be rude not to! It’s super pretty and stays on all day, it’s so easy to apply again – I just drop some onto my fingertips and blend in.

My last buy which I bought a few weeks ago on my birthday is the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara. I got a tester delivered with a parcel a few months ago and I couldn’t stop using it. I always struggle with mascara, I like long, thick lashes that don’t droop and flake over the course of the day and the majority I have tried just don’t work for me. This lifts your lashes, gives plenty of thickness and volume and I looove it. It’s £25 so a little pricier than I’d is usually like to pay, but for me it’s so worth it. And it lasts forever! (I still actually have my tester). 

I hope you enjoyed part two of my new beauty buys! Keep an eye out for my next post coming soon.